Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Marshmallow hp strap

A marshmallow is a candy, first commercially manufactured during the late 19th century. The traditional marshmallow was a combination of marshmallow root, whipped egg whites, vanilla extract, and sugar. However, marshmallow root is more difficult to find, and is now more often replaced by gelatin, usually derived from the bones of animals. The finished product is usually shaped and cut into one inch (2.54 cm) or smaller cylinders and may be rolled in powdered sugar or cornstarch, giving the exterior a dry texture.
These soft, fluffy marshmallow twists were a riot of pastel-colours and squishy melt-in-the-mouth tastiness. Just try to eat one… before you know it you’ll have finished the tub. 

Pinky Craft had transfer the real marshmallow twists into clay marshmallow twists.
 Marshmallow Twists hp strap
Material: Polymer clay
Code: F001