Wednesday, October 27, 2010

# Christmas items #

Hi all dearies, Christmas is around the corner, Pinky Craft wish you all Merry Christmas in advance.
Although is too early but the Christmas feeling makes my hand itchy to make all these cute christmas items by polymer clay.
Grab your love one now!!

Snowman with pink scarf + christmas hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M005
Size: appr. 30mm tall

Snowman with orange scarf + christmas hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M006
Size: appr. 30mm tall

 Little Christmas Hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M007
Size: Appr. 15-20mm

Christmas Candy
*Polymer clay*
Code: F002
Size: Appr. 23mm

A: Christmas Sock with christmas fruit
Code: M001
Size: Appr. 17mm
B- Christmas Sock with rose
Code: M002
Size: Appr. 17mm

Poker Charms

Poker Charms hp strap
Size: appr. 15 x 11 mm
Code: M008
1. Ace
2. Love
3. Cotton
4. Diamond

3D Photo Frame - Graduation Theme

3D Photo Frame - Graduation Theme
Size: Inner: 85mm, Outer: 95mm

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3D Photo Frames ~ Happy Birthday theme

Birthday 3D Photo Frame
Size: Outer: 95mm, Inner: 85mm
Pinky Craft wish Alin and Mak Cik Happy 26th Birthday, wish you to stay healthy and happy forever.

Birthday Clay Cake

Birthday Clay Cake
*Customer let me design the cake myself and she need a simple design*
Here is my design for her.
* A big cake with a small bithday cake and a bear on it.
* 5 sticks with birthday boy's name.
* 2 little cupcakes - 1 perfume cupcake, 1 Nike shoe cupcake.
* 2 little angel at the front there to bless the birthday boy healthy & happy always.
Size: 120x120x130mm

Friday, October 15, 2010

Pinky Craft reviewed by Eat-Gossip-Shop and Blogmuffins

 Yesterday i am too free to check out some reviewer website and i saw Eat-Gossip-Shop reviewed Pinky Craft. Oh.. i am so happy.. Their description are so cute and nice, it makes my day.
Thanks Eat-Gossip-Shop for the review.

Pinky Craft reviewed by Blogmuffins.
Thanks for Blogmuffins review.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bulk order from customer

Bulk order from customer
*Order 10pcs and above will receive 10% discount*