I think you might have some question with you before you want to place an order.
A lot of question mark in your head? No worries, here is FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

1. What Pinky Craft selling?
I am selling handmade clay accessories & dolls and DIY stuff.

2. What material i am using for my Pinky Craft's items?
I am using polymer clay and air dry clay for my items.
Polymer clay~ i am using for keychain, hp strap and dolls.
Air Dry Clay~ i am using for 3D Frame, Claycake & Cupcakes

3. Are Pinky Craft's items handmade?
Yes, all the items are handmade by me. Except DIY Prepacked and DIY Shop Kit.

4. Are Pinky Craft's item hard and water-resistant?
For Polymer Clay, yes they are hard and water-resistant but due to they are handmade, they will still crackable if you use in hard way. So, please treat them nicely as they are handmade.
For Air Dry Clay, they are soft and not water resistant. So, i normally use on frame, claycake & cupcakes for decoration purpose.

5. Can you customize item for me?
Yes, i do. You let me know your requirement and i will make for you.

6. Do you do wholesale service?
Yes, i do. There are T&C to get wholesale price, so do email me for the price and items you want.

7. What payment method do you accept?
I only accept paypal, online transfer & cash deposit.

8. Why most of your items are sold out?
~ Most of my items are sold out because i only make when i receive order from my customer.
~ Each of my customer requirement are different, so i less make something to sell and i prefer i receive order then only make.
IMPORTANT: Each items are handmade, therefore slightly different size and shape is unavoidable for remake items.

If your question is not in here, do email me to pinkycraft@gmail.com. I will reply you as soon as possible.
If i didn't reply you within 48 hours, please resend your email as i might didn't receive your email.