Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lavendar Story Hut DIY

Name: Lavender Moon 
Music Type: Castle in the Sky (Hayao Miyazaki) 360 degree rotation
Carton packing: 25 * 21.5 * 6 CM
Finished size: 19 * 15 CM (diameter)
Accessories: cable, battery box, sandpaper, wood frame (parts), glue, accessories (cloth. Plastics timber. Tissue paper ......)
Products: The hut your hands to build inside the raw materials in accordance with material divided into several packets can be divided into several finished about the completion of a finished product requires five hours to two days range (depending on the individual's hand-proficiency degree).
Production Description:
1. Detailed production instructions packaged with the products.
2. Before making can prepare a set of auxiliary tools.
3. Mainly by grinding, digging inlay, bonding, assembling, painting, sewing, placed DIY process, create and finish your hut.
4. Glue attached to the product is white plastic, and dry faster to buy 502 or 101.