Wednesday, October 27, 2010

# Christmas items #

Hi all dearies, Christmas is around the corner, Pinky Craft wish you all Merry Christmas in advance.
Although is too early but the Christmas feeling makes my hand itchy to make all these cute christmas items by polymer clay.
Grab your love one now!!

Snowman with pink scarf + christmas hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M005
Size: appr. 30mm tall

Snowman with orange scarf + christmas hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M006
Size: appr. 30mm tall

 Little Christmas Hat
*Polymer clay*
Code: M007
Size: Appr. 15-20mm

Christmas Candy
*Polymer clay*
Code: F002
Size: Appr. 23mm

A: Christmas Sock with christmas fruit
Code: M001
Size: Appr. 17mm
B- Christmas Sock with rose
Code: M002
Size: Appr. 17mm