Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Design - Clay Cake

Hi all, Pinky Craft will have new design -
Cake which made of Clay = Designed Clay Cake.
So far, all of us had been buying cakes from baker and i found that actually the real cakes can turns into clay cake so that we can keep it forever with us.
Furthermore, we had do alot of research from googles, we found that alot of people selling real cake with lotz of cake toppings with it. It looks so nice and meaningful.
So, it inspires me to turns the real cakes into clay cakes. Each cake has a special meaning, is one of a kind and reflects something special about the individual or occasion.
Below are few of the sample from my research for REAL CAKE.
For my craft, still in process and i will post it out soon once is done.
Be patient or you may think what the design you want and let me us know.
We will do it for you.

These photos all are real cake. Cannot believe it right??